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upcoming freestyle shows

Have fun with your dog. Have fun with people who love dogs. Learn something along the way.

Who, what, when and where. This is your class schedule. Don't leave home without it!

Fetch your paperwork, questionnaire, equipment list and Level One preread.

Texas Six-Steppers

Canine musical freestyle is a dog sport that combines basic obedience, creative movement and tricks into a choreographed routine set to music. Freestyle is a way to improve your dog’s focus, attention, confidence and motivation and have fun at the same time. Freestyle is all about joyful teamwork. Any size, breed, age or ability of dog can play. Learn Freestyle.

The Texas Six-Steppers freestyle troupe performs at events big and small around the Houston area. We're made up of everyday people and dogs, just like you. If you love music, love your dog, like to laugh and are willing to try something new (and a little scary sometimes), you might just be a Six-Stepper. No dance experience required. Six left feet embraced.

Our dogs don't just sit and stay. They dance.

Exceed your own expectations. Dance with us!

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Learn with us.