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Houston Dog Show Performances

Group Freestyle Routines

Panda Po (2010)

Thriller Redeux  (2013)

Chiapanecas (2011)

Clappers[651x1650] PandaPo[651x1650] ThrillerRedeux[651x651]

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Texas Six-Steppers

Six-Steppers in the news!

>Petey and Liza's rescue stories were featured in a July 21, 2014 Houston Chronicle article about how dog sports like freestyle helped them gain confidence in the world.





Best Day (2014)

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>July 2015 Channel 2 Houston with Ruben Galvan

>July 2014 Issue of Houston PetTalk Magazine.

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The Texas Six-Steppers have been sharing the joy of canine musical freestyle for well over 10 years in Houston. We perform for local charity events, nursing homes, schools, or any place that loves our dancing dogs as much as we do.

A special thanks to Bob "The Barkographer" Castle (Wolf's dad) for filming, editing and posting these videos.

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Rocket_FreestyleTX6S[1050x1050] 2016 > Watch the Funk Here

Uptown Funk (2016)